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Raphael Ritz

is working at the Fachinstitut Theoretische Biologie in the group of Andreas Herz.

My main interests in neuroscience are: Spatio-temporal aspects of information processing in neuronal systems and their biophysical bases and neuronal coding in general.

Currently, I am also the scientific coordinator of a Neuroinformatics Portal.

In addition, I manage the web-site for the Bernstein Center for Computational Neurscience Berlin at www.bccn-berlin.de.


Tel: +49 (30) 2093 - 9120
Fax: +49 (30) 2093 - 8801
Email: r.ritz@biologie.hu-berlin.de

Mail: Fachinstitut Theoretische Biologie
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Invalidenstraße 43
D - 10 115 Berlin



WS 02/03: Computational Neuroscince I

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