Junior Group Systems Biology of Liver

Junior Group Leader
Dr. Matthias König

Institute for Theoretical Biology
Humboldt-University Berlin
Invalidenstraße 43, 10117 Berlin, Germany
phone +49 30 2093-8450

We are investigating liver metabolism and function with the help of computational models and methods.
Read more about the group: www.livermetabolism.com

The liver is the central metabolic organ of our body playing a crucial role in the clearance of drugs, xenobiotics and numerous metabolites from the bloodstream. The quantification of these liver functions is essential to assess the status of the liver, obtain information about the degree of impairment, to evaluate treatment response or to select transplant recipients.

This project will establish a standardized multiscale model framework of the human liver readily adaptable to various quantitative liver function tests currently used in the clinics. The resulting models will be personalized with individual imaging data from CT and PET in combination with anthropomorphic information like gender, age, body weight and height and used for the evaluation of quantitative liver function tests in a personalized context. Within this project three main applications will be realized, respectively represented by a showcase

  1. normal liver function (galactose)
  2. detoxification of drugs (drug cocktail, indocyanine green, bromsulphalein)
  3. impaired liver (cirrhosis & liver disease)

MK is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Germany) within the research network Systems Medicine of the Liver (LiSyM) (grant number 031L0054).