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 +Over the last decades, biology has developed from a mainly descriptive to a more analytical science. New connections with physics, chemistry, mathematics,​ and medicine have been forged, and theoretical biology has become a discipline in its own right. ​
 +The aim of the Institute for Theoretical Biology is to advance [[:​groups:​start|research]] and [[:​teaching:​start|education]] of theoretical concepts in biology.  ​
 +The Institute for Theoretical Biology is part of the [[http://​www.biologie.hu-berlin.de/​|Department of Biology]] at [[http://​www.hu-berlin.de/​|Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin]] and also part of Berlin'​s medical school [[http://​www.charite.de|Charité]]. It provides an interdisciplinary environment currently housing [[:​groups:​start|ten research groups]] working on a broad range of topics, such as  the dynamics of molecular networks within cells, neuroscience,​ the evolution of organisms, and spreading of diseases. ​
 +The Institute for Theoretical Biology is located in the Center of the City in [[address|two buildings]] that are in close proximity to each other. ​
 +**Postal address** ​
 +Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin\\
 +Institute for Theoretical Biology\\
 +Philippstr. 13, Haus 4\\
 +10115 Berlin\\
 +**Administrative contacts** ​
 +Elvira Lauterbach, phone: +49 30 2093-98400, [[e.lauterbach@biologie.hu-berlin.de]] ​ \\
 +Karin Winklhöfer,​ phone: +49 30 2093-9118, [[k.winklhoefer@biologie.hu-berlin.de]]
 +[[address|How to reach us]]
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