Theoretical Chronobiology

Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Herzel

Welcome to the group of Hanspeter Herzel

The group was established within the Institute for Theoretical Biology (ITB) in 1996 and belongs to the Charité and the Humboldt University Berlin. We apply methods from dynamical systems, data analysis and bioinformatics to address biomedical questions. Examples are voice production, heart dynamics, DNA periodicities, gene regulation, T-cell differentiation and circadian rhythms.

Theoretical Chronobiology

Together with the experimental groups of Achim Kramer (Charité), Michael Brunner (Heidelberg), Erik Herzog (St. Luis) and Toru Takumi (Tokyo) we investigate the generation and synchronization of circadian rhythms on different levels:

  1. Modeling intracellular feedback regulation in the core clock oscillator
  2. Studying the entrainment, synchronization and splitting of SCN neurons
  3. Bioinformatic analysis (high-throughput data, promoter studies, epigenetics) of phase- and tissue specificity of clock-controlled genes
  4. Entrainment phase control based on oscillator theory

Teaching Activities in Quantitative Biology

The group is involved in the education of students in biology, biophysics and molecular medicine. Together with colleagues from the ITB we teach regularly:

  • Mathematics for Biologists
  • Biostatistics
  • Modeling in Quantitative Biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Functional Genomics

Network Activities

We are involved in several overarching consortia:

  • IRI - Integrative Research Institute for the Life Sciences
  • CSB - Graduate School Computational Systems Biology
  • InKoMBio - Information- and Communication Theory in Molecular Biology
  • T-SYS - BMBF network on the systems biology of T-cell differentiation
  • Mind & Brain Graduate School
  • BSIO - Berlin School for Integrative Oncology

Contact and Publications

Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Herzel Institute for Theoretical Biology Philippstr. 13 D-10115 Berlin

Tel. +30 2093 98402 Fax +30 2093 8801

E-mail: h.herzel[at] or hans-peter.herzel[at]

Most recent publications can be seen via Pubmed (Herzel H). Most papers are freely available via Google Scholar or Research Gate. A complete list of publications as pdf-file: Publication list in *.pdf format