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Jan-Hendrik Schleimer ∈ Room 107
Theoretical Neurophysiology (Prof. Susanne Schreiber)
Institute for theoretical Biology
Philippstraße 13, Haus 4
10115 Berlin
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Tree of life
Tree of life

Research areas

Nervous systems are of utter inordinate complexity. It is astonishing to see the rich behaviour of animals, how reliably and efficiently they maneuver through their environments, implemented in their neural architectures and dynamics. The idea that such complexity can itself arise out of the simple rules of evolution is fabulous, extraordinary and easy to forget. Alas, eons of bricolage appear as design today.

The evolution of nervous systems is a multidisciplinary field, encompassing, i. a., comparative physiology, behavioural ecology and genetics. Mathematical and computational methods are relatively recent additions. One aspect that theoretical models can contribute, is to establish a quantitative link between genotype, molecular phenotype and computational phenotype. The latter is the rigging, the evolutionary molding of brain-like structures is supposed hoist its adaptations on.

In the face of changing environments neuronal reaction norms may play a decisive role in ability of organisms to adapt 1.

The work also encompasses reviewing for Phys. Rev. E, IOP, PloS One and J Comput Neurosci.


Thoughts on theoretical biology


There is always the exciting ITB seminar, Tue at 14:00, with a crossover of different topics in theoretical biology. Any suggestions to improve and expand the ITB’s curriculum, as well as feedback to individual courses, is most welcome.

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For students

Conditional on availability, analytical, modelling and data analysis projects are offered for

Please contact Susanne Schreiber or me via email. All students of quantitative sciences from HU and other universities are welcome to apply.


Some of the most exciting question defy getting ones head around them, luckily multiple heads often stand a better chance!


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  1. A temperature rise reduces trial-to-trial variability of locust auditory neuron responses, Journal of Neurophysiology. DOI: 10.1152/jn.00980.2014 Draft [epub] Draft [pdf]