Philipp Burt

Hi. I am a PhD student in the group of Kevin Thurley - Systems biology of chronic inflammation. We are a group of the German Rheumatism Research Centre and associated with the ItB.

My research focuses on cell-cell communication and cell decision making in T helper cell populations.


The aim of this project is to identify potential molecular circuits that might be involved in the synchronization of the core clock of Neurospora to external temperature cycles. Attached below is the most recent progress on the project.


At the University of California, San Diego, I analyzed time series data of calcium-signals in A. thaliana as part of my M. Sc. studies with the aim to identify osmotic-sensors in plants. research_presentation.pdf

One of the best classes I took during my masters program. We studied decision making in mice using binary choice sets and wrote a miniature paper about it.


During my B. Sc. studies, I analyzed times series data of fluorescent sucrose transporters after a short photobleaching event. This allows to determine the mobility (diffusion coefficients) of these transporters.



Room: R202